Zoning Division

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Welcome to the Maplewood Building Department! We hope to make your experience as simple and efficient as possible. If you are interested in opening a new business in Maplewood, moving an existing business within the Township, making renovations to your business, or changing the use of an existing business, you must have your project reviewed by the Maplewood Zoning Officer, pursuant to Maplewood Ordinance 2953-19.

The Maplewood Building Department aims to answer your inquiries as they relate to your project fully and in consideration of all relevant information related to your business or property inquiry. The first step is to fill out an application for a Zoning Review. Please note that no questions related to your project will be answered “over the counter.” You must have your project reviewed by the Zoning Officer and receive an answer from him in writing before you may proceed.

Please answer all questions on the application form completely. Your inquiry may require you to fill out additional forms or submit supporting materials. You will be advised as soon as possible if you need additional documents to have your application be complete. Your failure to do so will result in delayed processing of the Zoning Review.

The fee for the Zoning Review is $50.00. The Zoning Officer will respond to your application within 10 days of when you complete the form, pay the fee, and submit the Application to the Building Department.

At the completion of the Zoning Review, the Zoning Officer will advise you in writing whether you may proceed with your business or project as of right under our Township’s Zoning Law, or whether you need permits, additional approvals from the Planning Board, Zoning Board, or the Springfield Avenue Partnership or the Maplewood Village Alliance, the Township’s two Special Improvement Districts (SIDs) before proceeding. If your business is located within either of the SIDS, you will be referred to them to insure your project meets their design guidelines.