Health Department Services

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Maplewood Health Department Logo

Department Mission

The mission of the Maplewood Health Department is to pursue activities that improve the health and well-being of the residents of Maplewood. This involves:

  • Creating programs to reduce the incidence of chronic disease caused by long-term hazards to the body
  • Educating residents on how they can protect themselves
  • Helping to protect residents from illness caused by microscopic virus and bacteria, or illnesses from larger agents such as rabid animals
  • Protecting our homes, work sites, food, water, and air from environmental pollutants
  • Staying alert for new potential causes of illness that may endanger our community

Department Goals

The Maplewood Health Department achieves its mission by executing a number of daily, monthly and annual tasks and programs, including:

Administrative Services

  • Work with other county health officers on shared service projects
  • Collaborate with the Environmental Advisory Committee
  • Maintain office business such as receipts, billing, supplies, and reports
  • Manage the Municipal Alliance Grant
  • Loan wheelchairs, walkers and other medical supplies to residents free of charge

Animal Control

  • Prioritize dog and cat licensing efforts to ensure rabies vaccination compliance
  • Provide animal control officer services

Nursing & Communicable Diseases

  • Provide nursing services via adult health clinics
  • Investigate all cases of New Jersey reportable diseases and complete legally required investigation reports
  • Perform immunization audits at child care centers and schools
  • Plan and conduct health screenings and health education/health promotion programs
  • Provide the seasonal influenza vaccination

Registered Environmental Health

  • Inspections and licensing of food establishments and other businesses
  • Quality of Life monitoring and assurances
  • Rodent and Insect Control and resources, including the Spotted Lanternfly.

More details and information can be found in the Maplewood Health Department Staff and Services Brochure.

There is also an informative video series from the American Public Health Association that examines the basics of important public health topics.