Animal Licenses

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License Your Pets

Animal licenses are required for all domestic dogs seven months and older and cats four months and older. Licenses must be renewed in January of each year. Proof of a current rabies vaccination is required for licensing.

  1. Click here to complete your dog license application online. You will need to complete it as a "new" application since this is a new system.
  2. Click here to complete your cat license application online, which will also be a "new" one.
  3. If you prefer to print and mail a hard copy of the application, you can download the dog application, and the cat application.


  • Not spayed / Neutered: $18.00
  • Spayed / Neutered: $15.00

After January 31st there is a $7.00 late charge per license. For 2022, late fees have been waived until after April 30th. Late fees will be charged beginning May 1st.

The licensing fee is substantially lower than the fines and penalties for having an unlicensed pet, and the fees support local animal control, animal sheltering and rabies control activities. A current license also provides other benefits:

  • Proof of rabies vaccination, as well as an annual reminder to owners to make sure the vaccine is up to date.
  • A licensed pet with a tag on its color can be traced and quickly returned to its owner if it wanders off.
  • Pet licensure can be used as proof of ownership in case your pet is lost or stolen.
  • If there is a biting incident involving a licensed pet, the bite victim is protected from needing rabies treatment.

Licensing fees also help fund testing of suspected rabid wildlife, the State-sponsored municipal rabies vaccination program, and the state operated low cost spay and neuter program.

For more information about licensing your pets, please contact Town Hall at (973) 762-8120, ext. 2006.