A crucial component of Public Health is data analysis and research to create effective policies, practices and community outreach on harm reduction and injury prevention. Gun violence is a leading cause of injury and death in the United States, including from suicide and unintentional shootings. Providing the following information is a public health approach to helping our community reduce the harmful effects of gun violence on our population.

Secure Firearm Storage

Research shows that secure firearm storage is associated with a lower chance of child and teen suicide and unintentional shootings. If you store a gun at your home, it must be stored safely, meaning that children have no access to it.

That means:

  • The firearm is secured with a gun lock and is in a locked safe.
  • The key to the gun lock is kept separate from the firearm.
  • Ammunition is locked away and separate from the firearm.

A secure form of gun storage is a biometric safe that can only be opened through the adult firearm owner’s fingerprint.

New Jersey's “Red Flag” Law

NJ has an Extreme Risk Protective Order Act. It states that an individual concerned that a household member has access to a firearm and poses a threat to themselves or others can file a request to have the firearms and firearm permit temporarily revoked. Any individual with such concerns can also ask law enforcement to file the request.

The request is a formal application to the criminal division of the NJ Superior Court and is reviewed by a judge. Guidelines may be viewed here: https://www.njcourts.gov/notices/2019/n190813a.pdf

To initiate a request, contact Maplewood Police at (973) 762-3400 or contact the Essex County Criminal Division Main Number at (973) 776-9300 x55932.

Firearm Disposal

The Maplewood Police Department (MPD) accepts unwanted firearms, which can be dropped of at MPD Headquarters or picked up by MPD for destruction by appointment. To schedule an appointment, contact Maplewood Police at (973) 762-3400.