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Snow Removal

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Snow removal is a large part of our winter season here in Maplewood. The Department of Public Works recommends viewing the video below to ensure shoveling is completed as safely and efficiently as possible during and after each snow event!

Residents should keep in mind that shoveling snow and ice into the street is against township ordinance, and will create additional need for shoveling. Below is an excerpt of the township ordinance pertaining to the deposit of snow and ice into the street:

§ 239-2 Deposit in plowed streets unlawful.

No owner or tenant of any lands abutting upon any public highway of this municipality or agent, employee, servant or contractor of such owner or tenant or person shall throw, place, plow or deposit any snow or ice into or upon any traveled area of the street or road that has already been plowed.

View the full ordinance.

Tips For Clearing Snow Faster